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Aerial Drone Site Photography

Gen7 Environmental Solutions Ltd. is always exploring the newest methods and technologies available within our industry, which enables us to provide our clients with the most cost effective and efficient service. Gen7 Environmental Solutions has recently acquired advanced aerial technology that offers site-specific aerial drone site photography overviews. Using the integrated first person view system with real-time telemetry data and flight parameters with enhanced GPS, we are able to present clients with the option to view professional imaging of work in progress aerial photos of the project. This includes pre-, during, and post-site activities including assessments, monitoring programs, remediation, and reclamation.

Gen7 Environmental Solutions uses this technology safely and responsibly to ensure all regulations, rules, and guidelines are followed. We stay informed of and follow all regulations in regards to remote controlled aircrafts at all times. Our site-specific aerial photography is useful for informing all environmental services that involve field assessments, especially for large sites.