Gen7 Advantage

Operational Value & Environmental Excellence

Gen7 Environmental Solutions Ltd. has carefully built up the staff team by seeking out and retaining experienced senior individuals with strong technical expertise, a pragmatic approach to solving environmental service challenges, and a proven track record of planning and managing projects efficiently for clients. The senior leadership team enjoys an exceptional degree of credibility and confidence with key regulators, including AER, IOGC and AESRD, as well as clients and contractors. We maintain a high ratio of senior to intermediate and junior personnel and a strong commitment to training, ongoing communication, and continuous learning. This allows us to provide a cost-effective mix of personnel, yet ensure a high level of expertise and experience to guide and review all our work. Our personnel are profiled briefly below.

Gen7 Environmental Solutions has also assembled deep practical experience in a broad mix of critical disciplines, including:

  • Environmental Reclamation and Remediation
  • Biological and Ecological Science
  • Oilfield and Forestry Construction
  • Forestry and Woodlands Management
  • GIS Data Management, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Public Consultation
  • Corporate Environmental Policy and Procedures

While such breadth may exist in large national or province-wide environmental companies, it usually comes with much higher overhead costs, slower response times, and significant internal communication challenges. Such diversity and depth is rare in a regionally based company which enjoys cost benefits and internal efficiencies of small scale and local proximity.

Our philosophy is to be the best, not to be big, so we don’t chase growth for our company. Instead we strive for continuous improvement and best value for our clients. Our time and development resources are invested heavily in professional development and continuous learning for all personnel. This allows Gen7 Environmental Solutions to provide clients with emerging innovations and technologies, deliver superior problem solving and get best value for the environmental expenditures made.

Culture & Methodology

Gen7 Environmental Solutions Ltd. is a group of like‐minded individuals who ‘walk the talk’ towards achieving financial value and cost efficiency, social‐cultural integrity, and environmental protection. As a collaborative group of professionals, our staff are exceptionally hard‐working but also value real work/life balance and employee wellbeing, which is a fundamental driver for our regional focus. Our methodology for ensuring ecological integrity and environmental sustainability is grounded in a ‘both‐and’ approach, achieving cost efficiency and environmental, cultural, and stakeholder mandates through experience and innovation.

Cost Approach & Business Philosophy

Focussing on your cost is also our business. We understand that client costs are a paramount concern in today’s challenging business environment. Our personnel rates are competitive, sitting in the low to midrange of the environmental service industry and are well below rates for larger firms with comparable technical breadth and depth. However, it is important to keep in mind that service cost is not the same as unit rates. Our major strategy for ensuring lower client project costs is based on lean billing practices and high efficiency and productivity that are “best in class.”

Our effectiveness, experience, integrity, and approach to supplying the right mix of personnel, and other efficiencies combine to ensure the lowest overall cost for services. The following practices help deliver this:

  • Our billed hours to projects are kept low on a per task or per results basis because we:
  • Utilize highly motivated professional senior staff whose practical oilfield and environmental experience will find clients the smartest and lowest cost way of meeting requirements;
  • Effectively extend the skill of our senior personnel with well trained and well coached junior and intermediate staff by maintaining constant communication;
  • Invest heavily in front‐end orientation and training to ensure junior and intermediate personnel have the capacity to do much of the work on their own or in pairs;
  • Absorb the learning curve time of new or junior staff as part of our training program and not a surcharge towards clients;
  • Do not send out inexperienced juniors to the field on their own;
  • Have the integrity, the project list, and the organizational capacity to split travel and time that might involve servicing multiple projects and then fairly partition those costs;
  • Ensure things are done right the first time;
  • Offer advice and coaching to clients to assist in pre‐planning or preventative and proactive approaches that can save operational costs and minimize or prevent more expensive problems from occurring;
  • Gen7 Environmental Solutions is located in Drayton Valley with 18 plus staff currently based in the area, so we:
  • Have minimal travel time and no overnight subsistence and accommodation costs for most of our work for our regional clients;
  • Frequently make emergency trips to the field to complete time-sensitive, high‐priority work when required, with minimal additional cost;
  • Can adapt to changing client priorities, cancelled or postponed work, or project timeline shifts with virtually no cost. Other competitors will charge based on their inflexibility.

In summary, the Gen7 Advantage to our clients are lower development and operating costs, meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements, innovative problem solving, positive community and regulator relationships, and the knowledge that they are stewarding the land in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. We are committed to best value for our clients. We will always provide a great environmental team that works for and with you to meet and exceed your environmental responsibilities and goals, but do so at the least cost.