Timber Assessment

Gen7 Environmental Solutions specializes in providing timber assessment services for the oil and gas sector, government agencies, and forest licensees. Our personnel have extensive training and experience in assessing forest attributes such as assessment design, species and volume identification, planning for delivery, and cost estimation for timber salvage and removal, delivery and market. Our team works closely with clients in order to adapt to the ever-changing legislative requirements and innovative management techniques of the resource to enhance development management strategies sensitive to the logistical constraints of extraction. Our commitment is to provide our clients with the information they need to properly manage resources and to ensure harvesting and reforestation are conducted in a timely manner. Where requested, Gen7 Environmental Solutions can source and supervise sub-contractors completing the timber salvage operations.

Timber Salvage and Timber Assessment are usually important components of:

  • Pipeline Right-of-Way Planning and Pipeline Construction;
  • Enhanced Approval Processand,
  • Site Specific Contractor supervision.