Wildlife Mitigation Plans

If a spill occurs in a sensitive environment, such as a wetland, watercourse or Species at Risk habitat, regulators may require Wildlife Mitigation Plans as part of Emergency Spill Response to avoid, minimize and mitigate the potential impacts of the spill and associated remediation activities on all types of wildlife, including fish, amphibians and reptiles, birds, small mammals, and large mammals. Gen7 Environmental Solutions has the professional staff and experience designing, implementing and reporting on these plans, including communication with regulatory experts, and obtaining the necessary permits for responding to the emergency. The scope, scale and intricacies of each project are tailored to the spill and the environment in which it occurs.

Wildlife Mitigation Plans and Implementation conducted by Gen7 Environmental Solutions includes:

  • Aerial photo review and desktop assessment of relevant sensitive species and important wildlife feature databases to inform the field assessment;
  • Field assessment tailored to the potential wildlife occurring at a site, which will include habitat classification / habitat assessment;
  • Time-sensitive development of Wildlife Mitigation Plans, including consultation with regulatory experts when desired by client, and recommendations for wildlife mitigation measures;
  • Acquisition of required permits and licenses as needed to implement mitigation activities;
  • Species-specific research and protocol development for all personnel involved with the site;
  • Regulatory reporting as required; and,
  • Preparation of Wildlife Impact Mitigation Report outlining results of mitigation activities and evaluation of their success, with professional sign-off.