Enhanced Approval Process & Field Reports

The Enhanced Approval Process (EAP) is the new streamlined regulatory approval process administered by Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) under the Public Lands Act for new or amended oil and gas developments in Alberta. While the process is designed to minimize wait times and regulatory hurdles, there is more onus than ever before on the developer to understand their obligations and meet the regulatory approval standards outlined in the EAP by the province. Gen7 can complete the complicated EAP process with efficiency and effectiveness, whether in totality from development concept to application submission, or solely in providing environmental support for various components identified by the client.

Amendments to existing dispositions may require application using the former Environmental Field Report (EFR) process. Gen7 is still well acquainted with EFR’s, whether as standalone amendment applications or in combination with the EAP in more complex situations.

EAP & EFR support services can include:

  • Solid understanding and interpretation experience of the Enhanced Approval Process Integrated Standards and Guidelines;
  • Recommendations for standard vs. non-standard applications;
  • Recommendations regarding regulator consultation and client representation if requested;
  • Landscape Analysis Tool (LAT) database report review and interpretation;
  • Surface land rights holder consultation;
  • First Nations Consultation;
  • Historic Resources Listing Review;
  • Timber Assessment;
  • Field assessment, preferably a pre-disturbance assessment*;
  • Completion of Application and all types of Supplemental Forms (LOC, MSL, PLA, Non-standard application);
  • Completion of Environmental Field Reports where applicable; and
  • Submission of Application.

* If it has not already been completed, a pre-disturbance assessment conducted early in the EAP process allows timely identification of environmental concerns requiring special attention, streamlines environmental service efforts, and informs the EAP process to improve accuracy and efficiency.