Pre-Disturbance Assessment

Pre-disturbance assessment is critical for avoiding unexpected delays and costs in any planned oil and gas development that disturbs previously undeveloped land of any jurisdiction. A complete pre-disturbance assessment identifies and discusses all potential environmental concerns and liability early in the planning process to allow avoidance and mitigation; in some cases, saving potentially tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars. The upfront work of a pre-disturbance assessment also informs subsequent, legal environmental requirements that might otherwise be based on estimation and assumption, consequently avoiding potential assumed liability.

Gen7 Environmental Solutions Pre-Disturbance Assessments include:

  • Desktop review and analysis using latest GIS software and data, and in special cases, project-specific up-to-the-minute aerial photos;
  • Professional field assessments of landscape, soils, vegetation, wildlife, watercourses and wetlands (link to each service), tailored to the proposed development and its location; and,
  • Report outlining results and informed recommendations for development to facilitate efficiency, regulatory compliance, and environmental conservation.