Habitat Classification & Assessment

Alberta is home to a number of different natural regions including grasslands, foothills and the boreal forest. Each of these regions consists of unique environmental conditions that provide a range of habitats for a variety of wildlife. Evaluation of the severity of a spill or the potential impacts of a proposed development, such as a release or spill incident, may necessitate habitat classification and habitat assessment to allow design of an Emergency Response Plan. Habitat Classification/Habitat Assessment requires a knowledgeable interpretation of the vegetation communities, natural features such as waterbodies, and signs of wildlife present at a site. This service can be enhanced with advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) assessments and GIS modelling.

Gen7 Environmental Solutions provides the following services relating to habitat classification and assessment;

  • Aerial photo review and desktop assessment of relevant databases regarding known wildlife and plant species to inform the field assessment;
  • Field assessment tailored to the environmental features and potential wildlife occurring at a site;
  • Sophisticated mapping of habitats, including GIS modelling with the latest data resources such as LiDAR and Site-Specific Aerial Photography;
  • Preparation of report outlining results habitat classification / habitat assessment with professional sign‐off.

Sensitive Species & Species at Risk (SAR)

If during a pre-disturbance assessment or Enhanced Approval Process application the potential for species at risk or sensitive species presence is identified, a Species at Risk (SAR) or Sensitive Species Inventory and/or monitoring program is required under the EAP. Gen7 Environmental Solutions conducts these inventories in accordance with the Alberta Government’s Wildlife Management’s Sensitive Species Inventory Guidelines. Gen7 Environmental Solutions has experience implementing a variety of inventories of different sensitive species, as well as experience working within the applicable guidelines to design an inventory or monitoring program that meets regulatory requirements as well as the Clients’ needs.

Species at risk inventories and monitoring conducted by Gen7 Environmental Solutions includes:

  • Aerial photo review and desktop assessment of relevant databases regarding the sensitive and/or species at risk species to inform the field assessment;
  • Species-specific research and protocol development for all personnel involved in an inventory or monitoring program;
  • Field assessment tailored to the potential wildlife occurring at a site;
  • Time-sensitive development of a Wildlife Impact Mitigation Plan, including consultation with regulatory experts when desired by client, and recommendations for wildlife mitigation measures;
  • Acquisition of required permits and licenses as needed to implement mitigation activities;
  • Regulatory reporting as required; and,
  • Preparation of report outlining results of SAR inventory or SAR monitoring activities, recommendations for species-specific mitigation moving forward with professional sign-off.