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Habitat Classification & Assessment

Alberta is home to a number of different natural regions including grasslands, foothills and the boreal forest. Each of these regions consists of unique environmental conditions that provide a range of habitats for a variety of wildlife. Evaluation of the severity of a spill or the potential impacts of a proposed development, such as a release or spill incident, may necessitate habitat classification and habitat assessment to allow design of an Emergency Response Plan. Habitat Classification/Habitat Assessment requires a knowledgeable interpretation of the vegetation communities, natural features such as waterbodies, and signs of wildlife present at a site. This service can be enhanced with advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) assessments and GIS modelling.

Gen7 Environmental Solutions provides the following services relating to habitat classification and assessment;

  • Aerial photo review and desktop assessment of relevant databases regarding known wildlife and plant species to inform the field assessment;
  • Field assessment tailored to the environmental features and potential wildlife occurring at a site;
  • Sophisticated mapping of habitats, including GIS modelling with the latest data resources such as LiDAR and Site-Specific Aerial Photography;
  • Preparation of report outlining results habitat classification / habitat assessment with professional sign‐off.