Drilling Waste Management

Gen7 Environmental Solutions Ltd.’s drilling waste management specialists provide cost effective solutions that meet regulatory compliance measures. These solutions consider diverse disposal options customizable to a project’s unique needs; including the design, tracking, management, delivery and disposal of all generated waste from drilling operations. Our team collaborates with our clients to create the most practical and environmentally responsible methods for waste disposal, such as landspray while drilling (LWD), landspray on access, leases or pipelines (DOALP, DFPL), mix-bury-cover sites (MBC), pump-off disposal, or treatment and disposal, while achieving project objectives. We specialize in both drilling and horizontal directional drilling waste.

Gen7 Environmental Solutions’s drilling waste management program includes:

  • Solid understanding and interpretation experience of Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Directive 050: Drilling Waste Management;
  • Completing required field assessments;
  • Comprehensive reports and waste management planning; and
  • Facilitation of necessary waste disposal.