Ground Disturbance & Site Supervision

Prevention of damage to buried facilities is key to any environmental service requiring below-ground work, such as Emergency Spill Response, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), and Remediation. Thorough understanding and submission of the necessary approvals and crossing agreements in accordance with all relevant Acts and Codes is required before the ground should legally be disturbed. Gen7 Environmental Solutions has thorough comprehensive knowledge and interpretation capacity of all regulatory requirements for ground disturbance and are trained, certified by the appropriate regulated organizations. Our training and experience will ensure client and third party underground facilities are protected.

Gen7 Environmental Solutions also provides on-site oilfield supervision for a multitude of needs, to ensure your project is conducted in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Our specialized team has over 30 years of construction supervision experience and a reliable network of subcontractors in the oilfield services sector.

Ground Disturbance and Site Supervision service provided by Gen7 Environmental Solutions includes:

  • Alberta One Call placement and management of facility owner requests;
  • Obtaining proximity and crossing agreements where required;
  • Preparation and planning of ground disturbance;
  • Site supervision of facility exposure;
  • Sloping and shoring of excavation walls to provide safe access and egress;
  • Site supervision, including coordination of equipment and subcontracting of labour;
  • Preparation of pipeline right of ways;
  • Construction supervision of lease roads; and well-site pads;
  • Completion of facility backfill and contour assessments.