Phase 1 ESA

The purpose of a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is to identify the likelihood that a property is contaminated, identify the potential sources of contamination (if any), and recommend next steps for full characterization and delineation of contaminants. Phase 1 ESA is a screening tool within Commercial, Industrial and Upstream Oil and Gas to provide satisfactory evidence to stakeholders, surface landowners, and regulators in regards to the potential or actual sources of environmental contamination on the subject property. Phase 1 ESA is a required component of Reclamation Certificate applications. Phase 1 ESA is recommended prior to the purchase of a property, and may be required by organizations such as banks or insurance companies. In Alberta, Phase 1 ESA must be completed in accordance with the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment.

Guideline for Upstream Oil and Gas Sites.

A Phase 1 ESA completed by Gen7 Environmental Solutions will include:

  • Assemblage and review of all documentation relating to the past and present use of a property;
  • Collection and review of all documentation relating to the environmental history of a site;
  • A field inspection of the property;
  • Historical and current aerial photograph interpretation and analysis;
  • Landowner interviews; and
  • A detailed report addressing all regulatory requirements of a Phase I in Alberta.

If significant potential for contamination is identified during a Phase 1 ESA, a Phase 2 ESA would likely be recommended.