Whether in impacted material is related to an emergency or a Phase II environmental site assessment, provincial and/or federal guideline contaminant exceedances in soil or water require environmental remediation or risk management. Our team presents and discusses different remediation approaches with our clients to find the best solution, and oversees the execution as efficiently and cost‐effectively as possible.

Environmental Remediation Services with Gen7 include:

  • Initial assessment, sampling, delineation and mapping;
  • Advice on regulatory reporting and messaging;
  • Advice on containment and recovery of released contaminants, including supervision and direction of contractions;
  • Development of a Remediation Action Plan with plan options and cost estimates to achieve remediation goals;
  • Securing and supervision of contractors for completion of the remediation action plan;
  • All characterization and confirmatory sampling for analysis, and the interpretation of analytical results;
  • Preparation of required reports for regulatory filing with professional sign‐off.