Regulatory Planning & Approvals

The multitude of environmental regulatory requirements imposed on oil and gas developments in Canada require careful planning to ensure a project is implemented effectively and efficiently. It is often the case in oil and gas development that costly, time‐consuming or even show‐stopping environmental impacts could have been avoided with the appropriate knowledge and care during the planning stages.

A critical step in any new or amended oil and gas project is obtaining regulatory approval for the necessary infrastructure and operations, and as a project progresses. The complexities of Canada’s regulatory bodies and their application processes are ever‐evolving. Our team takes great pride in maintaining relationships with regulators and remaining proactive on current and upcoming regulatory requirements, so that our clients are always meeting environmental regulations.

The Regulatory Approval Services provided by Gen7 include:

  • All aspects of Enhanced Approval Process disposition applications, or environmental support for components of the process as needed;
  • Environmental Field Report process for amendments to existing dispositions approved under the former Alberta approval process;
  • Water Act Approvals.
  • Environmental Review Forms for Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC); and,
  • Pipeline route, well pad and access road alignment recommendations (within geological limitations) to avoid sensitive sites and landscapes;
  • Uncommon, site-specific pre‐approval environmental conditions imposed on new developments by the IOGC, such as Construction and Operation Mitigation Plans, Habitat Classification and Habitat Assessment, or Wetland Assessments and Wetland Evaluations.